Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Pilsen Project - WHY?

After meeting with the site coordinator for Art Pilsen, Miguel became quite apparent...this man is passionate about his community and the art scene it nurtures.

He works a full-time job, supports a family, and still finds a way to continuously update his site with press releases--informing his online audience of up-and-coming artists, gallery openings, and weekend shows....all with no pay.

So...why not help a motivated blogger, ready and willing to reach a wider network of users?

It seems all too often that people crave local news, and information about activities in their neighborhood...yet the sites that deliver this knowledge are shadowed by larger news organizations--Tribune, CNN, FOX.

Hopefully our team of young journalists can help highlight the efforts of Cortez... attract followers..and build the reputation of his art blog.

Monica M.

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