Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Goals

...Here are a few things that we hope to accomplish in 4 weeks...

--Retweeting - Search topics related to Art Pilsen in Twitter to make connections with community members and retweet comments, photos, links, etc. 

--Linking - Not only to specific sites, but also Pilsen artists to create relationships/networking

--Dynamic over Static – Most sites have more of a streamlined design than what we have at this point, so moving towards this will be easier for navigation 

--Develop Facebook community – While an Art Pilsen Facebook page exists, there isn’t much interaction amongst the artists who are following

 --Calendar – A number of news sites have a calendar feature that allows people to quickly scan the events of the month and click off on what they are interested in; we plan on featuring a calendar on both Art Pilsen and The Pilsen Project 

Monica M.  

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