Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pilsen Murals: " “Increíbles Las Cosas Q’ Se Ven”

Over the years, the people of Pilsen have nurtured a festive art community... that's a given....BUT... among the many galleries and museums scattered throughout the community, are other public forms of expression--MURALS.

Over the next few weeks, we will highlight some of these urban art billboards, the intriguing artists that created them, and their importance in this rich neighborhood.

First up... drum roll please... rat-a-tat-tat...

 “Increíbles Las Cosas Q’ Se Ven”--"Oh the things you'll see"
In 2001, Jeff Zimmermann, a native artist from Chicago, presented a three-panel building mural on the corner of 19th and Ashland in Pilsen. Like many of Zimmermann's pieces, the mural incorporates politics with community action, neighborhood personas, and religion. 

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Panel One-devoted to image of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Panel Two-features the working members of the community
Panel Three-displays political figures like Cesar Chavez hovering over the heads of students and successful career,minded individuals. 

This is just one of the many attractions that Pilsen has to offer, so if you haven't already...check it out...very large, very colorful, very cool.
-Monica M.

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