Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guest Blogger: Artist Kate Bowen

In the midst of gearing up for Almost Always Getting it Right, artist Kate Bowen took a moment to write a guest blog post inviting everyone to her exhibition on Sunday, February 26th. 

I am pleased to announce an exhibition of my new work Almost Always Getting it Right at ACRE Projects.  Please join me for the opening this Sunday, February, 26th from 4-8pm.  There will be additional gallery hours Monday February 27th from 12-4pm.
Set against a backdrop of a rural town surrounded by mountains, this exhibition is centered on an obsessive desire for physical perfection and the potential for such perfection to frustrate entropy and provide relief.  My work explores common language used to construct a narrative as a method for expressing desire, understanding failure and coping with loss.  In Almost Always Getting it Right I use still and moving images to focus on themes of beauty, repetition and impossibility.
Guest Blogger, Kate Bowen

For more information on Bowen & her art work, check out:
Amanda B. 

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