Monday, March 5, 2012

Reflection: The Pilsen Project

I can’t believe how quickly the past four weeks have gone by!

At the beginning of February (Week One), we teamed up with Miguel Cortez  of Art Pilsen to attract followers for his blog and social media platforms and increase his overall digital presence.

With Week Four coming to a close, we asked Cortez his after thoughts on working with The Pilsen Project and learned that our efforts did have an impact on Art Pilsen and we all made some great connections and contacts.

The Pilsen Project: Did we help increase traffic to the Art Pilsen website, Twitter page or Facebook account?  Miguel Cortez: YES

TPP: Did we provide more in-depth coverage for your site?  MC: YES

TPP: What did you take away from working with us?
MC: I met several very cool people.

TPP: Is this something you would consider doing again?  MC: YES

TPP: What could we have done differently? MC: It was all fine.

Art Pilsen increased its Total Likes on Facebook and had its Most Popular Week starting on February 12-20 (Week Two of The Pilsen Project)! 

Working with the Pilsen art community was a truly unique experience and I hope that Art Pilsen will continue to grow and improve along with the community itself.

Amanda B.

P.S. Since December, Art Pilsen has steadily increased its number of followers on Twitter and is now being followed by 401 people. 

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