Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Short Court: Tropical Aesthletics" at Antena

Well, the Chicago weather was typically uncooperative, but we came, we saw, and we played some small-court volleyball (very badly)!

Antena, located on the corner of 18th and S. Laflin, looks from the outside like part of a large warehouse. Inside, though, the space could easily be a comfortable, open-plan apartment. For the purpose of "Short Court", though, as you can see above, it was turned into a gallery-cum-volleyball court.

Alberto Aguilar, standing with his work "Boliche Che-Che"
The first thing you can't help but notice about Antena is its low-key, DIY vibe. This is not the tails-and-caviar affair that we so often see on the television. The artists and visitors who attended "Short Court" were wildly diverse and an incredible amount of fun.

Jake Myers, founder of Octagon gallery, plays some volleyball

There was Alberto Aguilar, whose wood and latex paint creation was one part wall art, one part ball and hoop game that takes its inspiration from tether-ball and the Spanish ball-in-cup game, boliche.

There was Jake Myers, who runs Octagon art gallery and is part of Tag Team, a two-man operation that curated "Short Court". Myers did not have any art featured in the evening's show, but he was all energy nevertheless, encouraging visitors to try their hand at volleyball and discussing the state of the art community in Chicago (interviews with both of these fine gentlemen to follow).

"Into the Woods" by Nicole Northway
"A Thousand Hungry Flowers" by Angeline Evans
The art featured around the studio came in a variety of media. Some of the art used more traditional elements and subject matter.  

And then there were the ones which required you to take a second glance!

We were unable to stay for the entire event, unfortunately, as the inclement weather was only getting more unpleasant, but we really enjoyed the time we spent there, and look forward to getting to know some of these awesome local artists better!

For information about future gallery openings and other events with local artists, check out Art Pilsen for listings, or follow @artpilsen on Twitter!

Katherine H.

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