Friday, February 10, 2012

Q&A with Art Pilsen's Miguel Cortez (Part 3 of 3)


If you were picked up by a larger organization would you want to be part of a larger site?
I kind of like the independent way of doing things. I also run a gallery out of my studio where I have shows every month.
The next show is taking place this Friday, February 17 by a group called Tag Team. They’re a group of local Chicago artists and [while] they’re going to have the paintings on the wall, they’re [also] going to have a volleyball court in the center of the gallery where professional volleyball players will be playing. People can walk around and look at the artwork.

Pilsen is such an up-and-coming arts community. Have you noticed a certain theme in the art that you’ve seen?
Right now there’s a community of contemporary galleries west of Ashland and what they mostly show are installations, sculptures and videos.

Do you think it’s beneficial for an artist to experiment with different media rather than sticking to one medium?
I think it’s important because you grow as an artist by experimenting with different medium. If it doesn’t succeed then you move on to the next one – you don’t get pigeonholed into just one type of work like abstract art, murals or commercial stuff that’s in people’s houses. That really has no soul aside from just being decorative.

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