Monday, February 27, 2012

Artist Snapshot: Alvaro Sahagun (Part 1 of 2)

Images courtesy of Alvaro Sahagun
1.) Full name and quick bio....has art always been a part of your life? How did you get started?
My name is Luis Alvaro Sahagun I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and raised in the urban setting of Chicago Heights, Illinois.  Like most children drawing cartoons and creating imaginative superheroes was my coping mechanism to my childhood problems.  Art has always been a part of my life; it is my medication. My artwork is indicative of how I see the world and how I battle with the difficulties of life.
2.) What is your favorite medium and why?
I am currently in love with creating art with cardboard. By using an urban material and a contemporary process I create a merge between academia and street art.  The outcome challenges the audience to re-evaluate their preconceived notions of which materials are accepted as beautiful in art.

-Monica M.

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