Sunday, February 19, 2012


Working closely with Art Pilsen, I came to notice that many of the exhibitions that Miguel Cortez posts about take place at a little art space called ACRE. 

ACRE, or the Artists' Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions, is a volunteer-run non-profit that provides support for emerging artists and creates a community for them to exist and share their work. 

Founded in 2010, ACRE set out to provide the art community with a residency program that encourages open, communal work in rural Southwest Wisconsin. Artists can choose between a 12-day or 26-day residency where they can participate in workshops, discussions, lectures and studio visits. 

ACRE continues to support its alumni after they have been through the residency program by offering opportunities for solo exhibitions and events, along with other programs and activities to aim for a thriving arts community. 

For more information about ACRE, visit: 

Amanda B. 

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